Alaska Excursions

Alaska Excursions

A wide range of trips throughout Southcentral Alaska.

Iditarod 41

Photos and stories from the last great race.

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Runaway Train (1985) - Manny is the "boss" of the convicts in an Alaskan high security prison. Renken, the heartless prison's administrator wants to kill him, so Manny escapes with the help of another young prisoner, Buck, who follows him. The two fugitives manage to get to a rail depot and get onboard a train. The problem is, the engineer has died and the the train is totally out of control, and nothing can stop it. So, leaving the prison, Manny and Buck find themselves aboard something that is both their freedom and their death. (Plot summary courtesy of

The Edge (1997) - Billionaire Charles Morse accompanies his supermodel wife Mickey to a photo shoot at Alaska. The shoot is to be made by fashion photographer Robert Green. To find a specific Indian for the shoot, they fly to even more distant location, where their small plane crashes into a lake. To survive in the woods full of man-killing bears they need each other, but the smarter of the men - Charles is suspicious that Robert is having an affair with his wife. (Plot summary courtesy of

Insomnia (Widescreen Edition) (2002) - Sent from the city to investigate the murder of a teenage girl in a small Alaska town, a police detective (Al Pacino) accidentally shoots his own partner while trying to apprehend a suspect. Instead of admitting his guilt, the detective is given an unexpected alibi, but this "solution" only multiplies the emotional complexity and guilt over his partner's death. He's also still got a murder to solve, in addition to the blackmail and framing of an innocent bystander being orchestrated by the man they were chasing. (Plot summary courtesy of

Mystery, Alaska - When Mystery, Alaska's amateur hockey team accepts a challenge to play against the New York Rangers, the entire population must put their petty differences aside and pull together as their small town becomes the center of a nationally televised event. (Plot summary courtesy of

North to Alaska (1960) - Sam (John Wayne) and George strike gold in Alaska. George sends Sam to Seattle to bring George's fiance back to Alaska. Sam finds she is already married, and returns instead with Angel . Sam, after trying to get George and Angel together, finally romances Angel, who, in the meantime, is busy fighting off the advances of George's younger brother, Billy. Frankie is a con man trying to steal the partner's gold claim. (Plot summary courtesy of

Alaska (1996) - Jake Barnes and his two kids, Sean and Jessie, have moved to Alaska after his wife died. He is a former airline pilot now delivering toilet paper across the mountains. During an emergency delivery in a storm his plane goes down somewhere in the mountains. Annoyed that the authorities aren't doing enough, Jessie and Sean set out on an adventure to find their father with the help of a polar bear which they have saved from a ferocious poacher. (Plot summary courtesy of

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